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Zildjian 14" S Dark Hi-Hat Cymbals - 982/1330g

Zildjian 14" S Dark Hi-Hat Cymbals - 982/1330g

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A brand new pair of 14" Zildjian S Dark hi-hats, weighing 982 and 1330 grams. Check out the sound file!

From Zildjian:

S Dark HiHats are well-balanced and full-bodied, offer ample versatility across many genres of music, and will add darker shading to your overall sound.

  • Add darker shading to your overall sound
  • Versatile hihats for many genres of music
  • Universal standard 14" size for all applications
  • Excellent blend with other cymbal colors
  • Well-balanced and full-bodied hihat sound
  • Made in Zildjian proprietary finish"

BRAND: Zildjian


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