Consignment, purchases, and trade-ins

Good Hands Drum Shop relies on consignment, trade-ins, and private purchases as a substantial portion of our used and vintage inventory. If you have gear that you're ready to part with, and want to ensure that it will find it's next happy home, Good Hands is a great place to make that happen.

  • Consignment - our consignment program ensures that you retain the highest possible percentage of what your item sells for. You and Good Hands will work together to set a price for your item, and of course, you maintain full ownership until the item sells.
  • Trade-ins/cash purchases - if you're looking for cash in hand or credit toward in-store purchases, a trade-in or direct purchase offer might be a great option for you! Offers are made based on Good Hands' discretion, and  often determined by our inventory needs and projected salability of the specific item(s).

We can handle single items, collections, lots, or entire estates! 

Contact us for more details and to get started!

“The GHDS crew has made consignment totally painless. They’re honest, fair, and with their huge customer base, my things sold very quickly. I don’t think I’ll ever bother with eBay again.” 

—Jim Mola


“I’ve let go of many beautiful instruments that were meant for others' sonic vision through “Good Hands”. I’m always happy they will go through this great communal meeting place to their new caregivers.” 

—Kendrick Scott


"Our family is so fortunate to partner with Good Hands Drum Shop after my father passed away. He was a lifelong drummer and collector, amassing 3000 sq ft of drums, cymbals, various instruments, accessories, hardware, and vinyls of all genres. I'll never forget the look on Jess's face when he first saw the overwhelming collection, but he quickly put a plan together to inventory, move, and sell everything on consignment. His knowledge, integrity, and willingness to work hard combined with a unique ability to manage this project gave my family reassurance that we found the right partner. Items literally started to sell the first week he had them! Connecting with Jess and consigning with Good Hands Drum Shop brought my family, and particularly my mother, a sense of peace after a very difficult loss. We are deeply grateful."

—The Family of Dr. Drums (Ralph LaFemina, Ph.D.) Lorraine, Jennifer, Chris & Marie