Instrument Repair

With a combined 50+ years of experience and a reputation for top-notch quality work, our repair team (Willie Martinez and Daniel Jodocy) can take care of any issue you might have, or any customization you want to make. Includes general setups, detailing, cymbal crack repair, shell re-finishing, bearing edge repair/customization, rivet installation, hardware/mount replacement, and more. A lot more.

Rates for common services are below. Hourly work rate is $75. Get in touch for all other inquiries.

Repair cymbal crack (channel) $45
Repair cymbal crack (edge)
Repair cymbal crack (mounting hole)
Rivets drilled/installed $6 first, $3 each additional
Bearing edge cut (straight shell)
Bearing edge cut (glue ring)
Snare bed cut
Mount bongo head $40
Mount conga head $75
Cut hardware tube $6
Install bass plate $37.50
Install butt plate $25
Install spurs
Install strainer
Install tom bracket
Dowel small hole $10
Dowel large hole $15