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Zildjian 14/16/18" L80 Low Volume Cymbal Pack

Zildjian 14/16/18" L80 Low Volume Cymbal Pack

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Great for practice in environments where volume bleed is a concern. Real cymbal sounds and feel at 20% of typical cymbal volume. 

Pack includes:

- 14" HiHats

- 16" Crash

- 18" Crash Ride

(note: sound file also features the L80 20" ride, which is not included as part of this pack)

From Zildjian:

“Zildjian's one-of-a-kind L80 Low Volume cymbals are up to 80% quieter than traditional cymbals without losing the authentic Zildjian feel. They are ideal for practice spaces, drum lessons, low volume gigs or anywhere you can't play loud.

The sandblasted finish may show fingerprints after handling. If fingerprints are left in place, a natural oxidation will develop. If desired, these cymbals can be cleaned with a clean, dry cloth. Do not clean your L80s using cymbal cleaner or any other type of cleaning product as this may alter the finish in unintended ways.

BRAND: Zildjian


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