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Yamaha 8/10/15" Club Jordan Cocktail Kit Drum Set - Pink Sparkle Lacquer

Yamaha 8/10/15" Club Jordan Cocktail Kit Drum Set - Pink Sparkle Lacquer

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A Yamaha Club Jordan Cocktail kit, developed with Steve Jordan. In great working condition with some tarnish and light surface rust on some areas of the chrome plating. The top-head snare wire mechanism has been removed.

A throw-back to the 1950s cocktail kits, with updated hardware and design for modern playing applications. Sounds funky and a lot of fun to play.

  • Model: Yamaha Club Jordan Cocktail Drum System.
  • Shells: 7mm, 7-ply birch/mahogany shells and percussion board; cocktail drum is 15″ x 24″, snare drum is 8″ x 5″, tom tom is 10″ x 5″.
  • Lugs: Yamaha “Tour Style” lugs on main drum, “Compact” one-piece lugs on snare and tom.
  • Finish: Silver Sparkle or Pink Sparkle Lacquer. Interior is a hand-rubbed “Natural Vintage” finish.
  • Hardware: Reverse-type foot pedal with special leg attachments, triple-flange steel rims, special inner strainer on main drum and Yamaha P-Type strainer on small snare.
  • Extras: YESS Mounts on snare and tom tom, urethane foam inner mute on bottom head, cymbal/cowbell mount, special Club Jordan Logo Badge on all drums.

BRAND: Yamaha

CONDITION: Used - Very Good

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