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UFIP 15" Class Series Brilliant Crash Cymbal - 830g

UFIP 15" Class Series Brilliant Crash Cymbal - 830g

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A gently used 15" Class Series Brilliant Crash Cymbal weighing 830 grams. In very clean condition with light fingerprints and stick marks.

From UFIP:

The look of the Class Brilliant gives a clear indication of their sound peculiarities: full, warm and deep. 

An extremely sophisticated manufacturing process is the secret behind this cymbal range. Originally manufactured similar to the Class Series, the cymbals with the longest sustain and with full bodied mid range tones, are selected and polished by hand, without the use of any chemical substances. 

The outcome is a very warm and mellow sounding cymbal, with excellent control of the overtones. The Class Brilliant are ideally suited to Pop, Fusion and Acoustic music.

  • Alloy: Cast Bronze B20
  • Production: Cast using the “Rotocasting”® procedure, completely hand made, cross hammered, hand finished
  • Level: Professional
  • Application: Pop, Fusion, Funk, Acoustic, Jazz, Latin
  • Sound: Fast and dynamic, warm and deep”


CONDITION: Used - Very Good

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