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The Philly Joe Jones Solo Book - Hardcover Edition

The Philly Joe Jones Solo Book - Hardcover Edition

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The Philly Joe Jones Solo book, transcribed by Joerg Eckel. 380 pages of master jazz drummer Philly Joe Jones' solos, meticulously transcribed over 10 years. Includes stickings and references which recording or record from which the solo was transcribed.  

"This is an incredible work to study. A document of devotion, dedicated to one of the greatest masters of the art form.” -Adam Nussbaum

"The Philly Joe Jones Solo Book represents the pinnacle of jazz drumming transcription. Joerg Eckel’s book is a “must have” for every teaching studio where jazz drumming is taught. My students and I at the Thornton School of Music at USC refer to this book throughout the year, and I learn something new every time I consult it. Highly recommended.” -Peter Erskine

"Musicians have been digging the swing, flow, creativity and hipness of Philly Joe Jones’ drumming for decades. Listening to the recordings he’s contributed to is awe-inspiring. Joerg Eckel’s book is the encyclopedia of this vast jazz language. Get it, listen, practice!” -John Riley

BRAND: Joerg Eckel


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