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The Melodic Snare Drummer - Ron Tierno

The Melodic Snare Drummer - Ron Tierno

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 The Melodic Snare Drummer by Ron Tierno takes a different approach to snare drum solos. It is designed for intermediate to advanced players with good rudimental reading skills. However, the writing is not inspired by a cadence or drumline march music. Instead, each solo follows the melody, instrumental solos and rhythm section groove from recorded tracks by George Benson. Even though these recordings date back to the mid 1970s, they are classics and provide rhythmically accurate ideas to challenge the reader.

"Not only was the book tremendously fun to work on, but, it really helped me get the core idea of my clinic across to students!"
—Neil Grover, Boston Pops/Clinician

"Rudiments are the staple of every drummer's diet regardless of stylistic preference or genre and their value can never be overstated. The Melodic Snare Drummer is a creative, challenging, well thought-out book."
—Jon Hazilla, Jazz artist/Berklee

"The book also addresses playing in time and to a groove! Drummers always have to groove, swing, keep time, in everything they do. I've had excerpts of these solos for years and I'm so happy that Ron Tierno has put together this collection of solos in one book."
—Billy Drummond, Jazz artist/ Julliard/NYU

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