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Sonor 12/14/18/6x14" AQ2 Bop Kit Drum Set - 2 Colors

Sonor 12/14/18/6x14" AQ2 Bop Kit Drum Set - 2 Colors

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Special in-store demo price! A gorgeous, brand new AQ2 Bop Shell Set from Sonor. 8x12" mounted tom, 13x14" floor tom, 14x18" kick drum, and 6x14" snare. Double shell mount includes tom arm and cymbal boom arm.

This is a Good Hands top pick for overall value for the price! It's rare that you find a drum kit at this price point that sounds and operates this well. We tuned it up into be-bop range, and the drums just sing. We tuned it low and fat, and (with a couple Moongels on the snare) the rich, full tone that we got was delightful. The hardware was easy to operate (though the thumb screws were a bit congested at the double mount) and held fast.

We love the AQ2 for:

  • A beginner/intermediate player looking to be musically inspired beyond what typical entry-level kits can provide.
  • A gigging musician looking for a kit that delivers well-above average tone and versatility, but won't need to be handled with kid gloves. 
  • A club looking for a backline kit that any player will be happy to sit behind.

From Sonor:

" Through German engineering, all maple shells, and our SmartMount tom mounting system you can sound like the pros with SONOR AQ2. Five standard configurations are offered, all featuring a 7-ply all maple shell construction. The drums share fittings and finishes, offering the flexibility to mix and match within AQ2. The minimalistic yet functional SmartMount tom mounting system has the true German design and engineering sprit: optimal sound sustain and quality with a minimal amount of hardware on the drum shell. AQ2 offers more value and more choices than any other instrument in its class. 100% Maple shells offer a mellow, warm and very balanced, full tone with low frequency punch and a balance of mids and highs. The Smart Mount suspension system maximizes the drums sustain. The cast lugs with TuneSafe and the high-quality shell hardware provide a professional feel. Four high-gloss lacquers, one Delmar wrap-finish and an almost unlimited choice of sizes allow everyone to configure the drum set they are looking for.

  • Maple offers a mellow, warm and very balanced full tone providing low frequency punch and a mixed balance of mids and highs.
  • Minimal, yet functional - The SmartMount tom suspension system offers solid performance and isolation between the drum and its mounting hardware. It attaches to only two lugs, without touching the shell, to maximize resonance and sustain.
  • The new SONOR cast lug, used on all of the AQ-Series drums, was engineered in Germany with close attention to functionality, durability and design. It is assembled using multiple components and includes our TuneSafe system to prevent detuning of the drums."

BRAND: Sonor


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