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Sabian 22" Stratus Ride Cymbal - 2326g

Sabian 22" Stratus Ride Cymbal - 2326g

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A brand new Sabian 22" Stratus ride cymbal. A relatively recent addition to the Sabian line, we find these to be an excellent value and a strong step ahead of most other mid-priced cymbal series'.

"With a full range of frequency and sonic versatility, the STRATUS series is designed for the modern drummer. 

Crafted from B20 bronze and featuring STRATUS high impact hammering, this series features clear articulation, a warm wash and musical spread, and strikes the right balance between versatility and professional performance in a beautiful design.

This 22” ride is articulate with a warm undertone that builds to a controlled wash and a strong clear bell. The medium light weight delivers a balanced combination of stick and a crashable undertone."

BRAND: Sabian


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