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Remo Powerstroke P3 Classic Fit Coated Drum Head

Remo Powerstroke P3 Classic Fit Coated Drum Head

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The Powerstroke® P3 Classic Fit Coated Drumheads provide a larger inner diameter design with a narrower flesh hoop and step design to address older vintage drums that are out of round with thick overlapping drum coverings. Vintage Drums that have a thick overlapping seam will interfere with the drumhead flesh hoop, keeping it from moving down over the seam and not allowing the drumhead film to rest on the bearing edge. If the standard drumhead is forced over the shell it will not resonate freely and cause wrinkles in the drumhead film. Classic Fit Drumheads provide a solution to these issues by providing a specially designed head that allows proper fit, seating, and tuning for even the most challenging vintage drums.



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