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Paiste 14" Masters Dark Hi-Hat Cymbals - 792/1170g

Paiste 14" Masters Dark Hi-Hat Cymbals - 792/1170g

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A brand new pair of Paiste 14" Masters Dark hi-hats weighing 792 and 1170 grams.

From Paiste: 

"Dark, full, soft, multi-layered. Medium wide range, complex mix. Soft, responsive feel. Velvety sizzling open sound. Rich, dark chick sound. A sensitive hi-hat perfectly suited for light to medium heavy use within Jazz, Blues, Country and other acoustic music styles.

Weight: Medium
Volume: Soft
Sound color: Dark
Frequency range: Medium
Frequency mix: Rough/Complex/Rich
Stick Sound: Washy
Response Intensity: Lively
Sustain: Medium
Chick Sound: Soft
Feel: Soft"

BRAND: Paiste


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