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Meinl Nano Sticks

Meinl Nano Sticks

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Nano Sticks were designed for applications when more nuance and precision is desired or regular drumsticks are simply too loud. The unique, slim diameter combined with the lack of a tip creates extreme definition on ride cymbals and hihats with very little overtones or wash. On drums, they produce top end attack without the bottom end frequencies. Additionally, these sticks allow you to play a drumkit at a whisper volume without losing definition. This means you can pull these out of the stick bag for specific expression and tones or to work within the limitations of certain gigs, such as small, intimate rooms. Nano Sticks were inspired by an idea from Meinl Stick & Brush artist Arthur Hnatek.


  • American Hickory


  • 44cm
  • 17.32″


  • 9.5mm
  • 0.375″


  • Light

BRAND: Meinl


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