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Meinl Hybrid 7A - American Hickory Drum Stick

Meinl Hybrid 7A - American Hickory Drum Stick

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At Meinl, we talk about being drummers ourselves which keeps us connected to the instrument. Hybrid drumstick models are the result of us as drummers at Meinl working together to create something that is not just another classic-style stick line but a new and unique product.

Since its launch in June 2018 the Hybrid models have grown in popularity in the drumming community worldwide and have become the choice of many drummers from professionals to beginners.

Designed for drummers playing in diverse bands and multiple situations with a wide range of musical styles and genres.

The unique tip starts as an acorn shape, which is trimmed down to the classic barrel size for a hybrid design that produces a dark and smooth articulation on cymbals. Additional length and long taper gives this stick a quick response with greater rebound for fast chops and deep grooves.

Overall, we think drummers need consistency in their sticks, which is why we developed a very narrow weight range and density for each model. Whenever you pick up your favorite pair,they will always feel the same.


  • Hybrid Tip
  • Heavy Hickory
  • Weight & Pitch Matched


  • American Hickory


  • Hybrid


  • 41.3cm (16.25″)


  • 13.6mm (0.535″)

Taper Length:

  • Long


  • Heavy

BRAND: Meinl


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