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Meinl Concert SD2 - Hard Maple Drum Stick

Meinl Concert SD2 - Hard Maple Drum Stick

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Concert SD sticks are made from North American Hard Maple for a lightweight feel and touch. A large maple stick that's light and easy to control with full dynamic range, capable of working in all musical settings.

Its full 16" length and longer taper gives this stick a quick rebound. The barrel tip produces woody stick definition with less mid-range overtones on cymbals than traditional round ball tip designs.


  • Barrel Tip
  • Medium-Light Maple
  • Weight & Pitch Matched


  • Hard Maple


  • Barrel


  • 40.7cm (16″)


  • 16mm (0.63″)

Taper Length:

  • Long


  • Medium-Light

BRAND: Meinl


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