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Meinl Calvin Rogers Signature Drum Stick

Meinl Calvin Rogers Signature Drum Stick

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Playing with inspiration and fire, Calvin Rodgers continues to set the standard for gospel and R&B drumming, only to raise that standard again and again. Together Calvin and Meinl have created a NEW signature drumstick that is not only great for maneuvering quickly around the kit, but also perfect for laying down deep and heavy grooves. Starting with a 5A diameter and US selected hickory, this unique stick features a total length of 16.5" and a long taper designed for both reach and rebound in a stick made to play fast. The round ball tip produces articulation and clarity on cymbals as well as drums, while the weight and balance supply the sensitivity and feel necessary for a great all-around stick. 

“When I began working on my signature stick with Meinl, my main objective was not only to create a stick that I love but to also create a stick that felt universal. I wanted a stick with consistent weight and feel all the way through. It needed to have a round tip that wouldn’t be so taxing on my drumheads, but that was able to capture my infatuation with stick definition and dynamic sensitivity. Finally, it needed to be durable. Meinl paid attention to every single detail and delivered a drumstick far better than anything I could’ve ever imagined.” - Calvin Rodgers 


  • Weight Matched
  • Pitch Matched
  • Model Based Weight Selection


  • American Hickory


  • Round


  • 41.9cm
  • 16.5″


  • 14.2mm
  • 0.56″

Taper Length:

  • Long


  • Medium

BRAND: Meinl


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