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Lyon & Healy 6.5x15” Single-Tension Metal Snare Drum - 1900s

Lyon & Healy 6.5x15” Single-Tension Metal Snare Drum - 1900s

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A Lyon & Healy 6.5x15" metal snare from around the turn of the (last) century. Lyon & Healy produced a full range of band instruments in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and eventually honed in on concert harps, which is what the company is known for today.

This drum is single tension with no guides, so the only hardware attached to the shell are the throw-off and butt plate. Ten tension rods with rim clips, wood hoops with unique metal rim caps. There are a couple substantial cracks in the wood parts of the hoops, and the metal parts show moderate surface rust. Puresound snare wires, vintage Slingerland calfskin snare side head, and Earthtone skin batter head.

A cool-sounding and very unique historical instrument!

BRAND: Lyon & Healy

CONDITION: Used - Good

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