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Gretsch 13/14/28/6.5x14" Broadkaster Roll-Away Outfit Drum Set - 1940s WMP

Gretsch 13/14/28/6.5x14" Broadkaster Roll-Away Outfit Drum Set - 1940s WMP

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This 1940s Gretsch kit is a true piece of history. In its time, the mounted caster bars promised its owner "matchless playing convenience plus impressive stage values", as the whole kit could be rolled on and off, or even around the stage. The kit featured Gretsch's newly introduced tunable toms (still with tack heads on bottom), as well as the new "Console-Rail" on which they could be quickly and easily hung. Period (and likely original) calf heads are present on the bass drum and toms, and the snare has been outfitted with a later version of Gretsch die-cast hoops and Rogers snare wires.

Toms are 12x14" and 9x13", kick and 14x28", and snare is 6.5x14". 

Overall condition is good for its age, with age-typical blemishing and fade on the wrap, as well as tarnish, pitting, and light surface rust on the plating. One of the Roll-Away bar thumb-screws is sheared off. 

Also included is a hoop-mounted bass drum muffler, 1950s/'60s Floating action pedal, cowbell with mount, and cymbal L-arm (no mount).

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BRAND: Gretsch

CONDITION: Used - Good

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