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Gibraltar 5000 Series Medium Weight Snare Drum Stand (5706)

Gibraltar 5000 Series Medium Weight Snare Drum Stand (5706)

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Gibraltar's popular snare stand is low in mass, lighter in weight, and double-braced for maximum stability.

A fully adjustable and extra-durable snare stand for today's busy drummer. Professional features include a low-mass double-braced tripod for added stability and exclusive round rubber feet to provide stability without a large profile. This stand includes a hinged height adjustment with a nylon collar insert and a geared basket tilter for a secure angle adjustment. A nylon wing nut basket arm adjuster makes fitting your snare into the stand easy and smooth. Height range: 18 to 25 inches with 7/8 inches and 1-inch diameter tubes. This stand fits 10-inch to 15-inch drums with metal hoops and up to 14-inch drums with wood hoops.

BRAND: Gibraltar


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