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Evans Hybrid Sensory Percussion Sound System

Evans Hybrid Sensory Percussion Sound System

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The EVANS Hybrid Sensory Percussion Sound System opens up a new universe of sonic possibilities for drummers. Incorporating powerful Sunhouse™ software, a purpose-built Portal Audio Interface and remarkably accurate sensors, the Sensory Percussion Sound System can transform any acoustic drum or drum set into an infinitely customizable tool for musical exploration. With up to 10 sensor zones per drum, a perpetually expanding library of sounds and the ability to combine flexible digital control with the expressiveness of acoustic drums, there is virtually no limit to what’s possible with Sensory Percussion.


  • This bundle contains Sunhouse™ Sensory Percussion software, a Portal Audio Interface, three drum sensors, and all necessary accessories — three specialized 1/8" TRS cables, USB-C cable, 12 pickup elements, 1 EMAD bass drum adaptor, a multi-country power adaptor, and a limited edition set of ProMark Sensory Percussion drumsticks.
  • The Portal Audio Interface has seven plug-and-play sensor inputs for frictionless setup, as well as two combo XLR mic/line inputs, two line-ins, and multiple output channels, allowing it to also be used as a standalone high quality audio interface for recording and live sound.
  • Sensory Percussion Sound System sensors are designed to work on almost any snare, tom, or kick drum, connecting to the interface with the included 1/8” TRS cables for hassle free cable management.
  • Sunhouse Sensory Percussion software offers flexible inputs and outputs, built-in FX, a large and continuously expanding sound library, and a wide range of highly musical features such as sequencing, note/chord control and effect parameters, all controlled through expressive playing.
  • CPU Requirements: OS Specs—Windows 10 (Build 1909) or later; MacOS Mojave 10.14 or later. Processors—Intel@ Core™ i5 processor, Apple M1 Chip or an AMD multi-core processor. Memory—8 GB RAM (16 GB recommended) with 1 GB hard drive space for installed software and base samples.

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BRAND: Evans


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