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Dragonfly Percussion Soft Toppers Mallet Tips (TBDFT-S)

Dragonfly Percussion Soft Toppers Mallet Tips (TBDFT-S)

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The drum set world has collided with the orchestra percussion section as Tackle Instruments Supply (Minneapolis, MN) and Dragonfly Percussion (Buffalo, NY) have joined forces to create a totally new kind of drum set and multi-percussion accessory.  Toppers are interchangeable mallet heads that fit onto the tip of any medium size drumstick.  Designed specifically for drum set and multi-percussion playing, they have superior sound quality,  feel and durability compared to conventional felt mallets.  
28 stacked layers of soft flannel.  These Toppers are incredibly soft for a truly dark, warm sound with virtually no attack on drums and cymbals.  

BRAND: Dragonfly Percussion


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