Drum fam on the Good-Handstagram

Drum fam on the Good-Handstagram

Hey! Are you following us on Instagram?

Our site is a great place to come if you're shopping or exploring the world of instruments, but we know that you know that drumming isn't all there is to life. It's an important part of it for many of us to be sure—whether as a hobby, a passion, or a livelihood—but playing drums, like anything else, is about connecting with others on a personal level. It's about sharing knowledge, experiences, and memorable moments that can't be made alone in a practice room. That's why we have a brick-and-mortar shop, and that's also what we hope to bring through our IG to those of you who aren't able to visit us in person on a regular basis: a place to connect.

And yeah, you'll see stuff that we're selling on our IG feed, but we mostly hope that we can maintain it as a way for us to stay linked with each other. To share some of the little moments around the shop and the city that bring us joy, reflection, and inspiration.

So head on over, hit that follow button, slide into our DMs, and say hello.

See you soon!

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