New Bosphorus have arrived!

New Bosphorus have arrived!

We're giddy with excitement to welcome a big stack of brand new Bosphorus Cymbals in to the shop. Since they came on to the scene in the late '90s, we've been huge stans of Bosphorus' unique personality, dedication to the hand-craft of cymbal-making, and their ability to employ traditional techniques to create instruments that strongly nod to tradition, while forging a sound and feel that is endlessly inspiring and refreshingly contemporary. They just come to life under your stick and reverberate with joy and energy.

We've got lots to choose from right now from the Master Vintage Series, Turk Series, and the brand new Painite series—the most raw, gritty sounds ever to come from Bosphorus.

Come check them out in person in the shop, or listen to each and every single one RIGHT HERE.

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