Bespoke Cymbal Makers at Good Hands Drum Shop

Bespoke Cymbal Makers at Good Hands Drum Shop

GH's is a constant work in progress as many of you know who have been to the shop. We're constantly tweaking the layout, displays, and product selection among other things everyday. Today we have finally dedicated our main cymbal testing room to custom, handmade, and bespoke cymbals. There has never been a better time to be a cymbal lover, nut-job, or whatever you want to call it, with dozens of new and exciting cymbal-smiths putting hammer to bronze in search of ultimate cymbal expression. Our bespoke cymbal room will also house some of the greats of the past, including the master work from the Zildjian Cymbal Company based in Istanbul Turkey and of course the trailblazer Roberto Spizzichino from Italy, among others. We hope to have the best collection and representation of new and used cymbals made today from the world's top cymbal artisans. Here are are our featured bespoke builders: 

- Over 60(!) Funch Rides from Lasse Funch Furberg - Denmark

- Roberto Spizzichino - Italy (RIP Roberto)

- Hayden Custom Cymbals, Ryan Hayden - USA

- Ottaviano Cymbals, Justin Ottaviano - USA

- Borba Cymbals, Brett Borba - USA

- Cymbal Craftsman/Royal Cymbals, Paul Francis & Sarah Hagan- USA

- Jesse Simpson - Czech Republic

- Timothy Roberts Cymbals, Timothy Roberts - USA

- Art Cymbal, Manabu Yamamoto - Japan 

- NickyMoon Custom Cymbal, Nicholas Margarite - USA

- Mongiello Cymbals, Mike Mongiello - USA

- Big Island Cymbals, Russell Lundgren - USA (HI)

- PUG Cymbals, James Waples - Australia



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