Welcome to Good Hands Drum Shop!

Welcome to Good Hands Drum Shop!

I’m glad you’re here. 

What's the deal with Good Hands? 

There’s a lot to talk about. But for now let’s keep it simple: Good Hands Drum Shop is a service-based, knowledge-centered, player-focused drum shop. And it happens to be the last remaining independent drum shop in New York City, arguably the most vibrant music city in the world. We may not carry everything larger drum departments or larger stores have, but a lot of what we have can’t be found anywhere else. 

The Good Hands Philosophy

First off, the shop is (and always will be) a work in progress. That said, there are a handful of ideas and guidelines that will always be part of what makes Good Hands Good Hands: be fair, be honest, and treat everyone with respect. Simply put: we get all types, and all types are welcome.

When you're browsing our inventory, we're dedicated to helping you find instruments and tools that best match your needs, inspire your inner artist, and fit within your budget. Sometimes that means recommending not buying something, or waiting until just the right fit comes through the door. Nobody loves a hard sell, including us. We're here for the long view.

When you're consigning, trading, or selling gear through Good Hands, you’ll always get a straightforward, real-world assessment of what your gear is worth—then we can talk about what works for you. Finding your gear its next happy home is a responsibility we don't take lightly, and want to engage in as collaboratively as possible. So let's talk!

If something goes wrong (and it does, and it will) we fix it to the best of our abilities.

Drums are cool, drums are fun. And fun to take seriously. 

We love drums, we love music, and just like you, we love to play drums. There’s a time and place for that swampy made-in-Japan snare drum with a weird honk if you hit it just right, or—'hot-damn—that 1920s Ludwig Black Beauty sure would look good next to the 47 other snare drums I have in my studio.' We get it. Making music is serious business, and the best kind of satisfying fun. 

Have a look around, if you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out and we hope to see you in-store real soon. Keep checking back for more cool stuff, info on events and happenings in and around New York City, and of course—more thoughts and ruminations here on the state of the drum. 

Percussively Yours,

Jess Birch

Owner - Good Hands Drum Shop

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One of the best drum shops, you’ll ever find, from beginners to pros, Jess and his crew treat everyone like family. They also have one of the best drum teachers in the business, Ron Tierno, look him up, you won’t be sorry.

Edward Liotard

Not just ‘good hands’ but Great people. They’re all incredibly knowledgeable and really helpful and actually give %&^*


Excellent customer service from Jess, including helping me with some repairs and selling a few cymbals. I’ll continue to support this shop and encourage anyone serious about quality drum equipment to do the same. Continued success to all involved with Good Hands Drum Shop and all good things!!!!


You’ll always be in ‘good hands’ with Jess who has a wealth of experience 👏

Mark Harris

Excellent products and service.

William Whitlatch

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