Think Big/Shop Small

Think Big/Shop Small

It's Small Business Saturday!

Operating a small business can be a lot of things. 

It can be a lot of juggling, a lot of balancing, a lot of questioning, a lot of uncertainty—it can sometimes feel like Sisyphus rolling a 30” Gretsch 1940s Broadkaster bass drum up a mountain. 

It can also be a lot of joy, a lot of creativity, a lot of discovery, and a lot of community. 

Good Hands is here because: a) we are in love with every instrument that comes through our doors. Learning about the legacy and craftspersonship, and digging deep into the nuances of each  drum, cymbal, stick, bag, and gadget is an endlessly rewarding challenge. 

And b) the community that a local brick and mortar shop can foster is irreplaceable. Seeing you all come through the door (and into our DMs) day after day is not only validating, but deeply inspiring and rewarding. It leads to the best conversations imaginable, and makes us hopeful for a future for our instrument that is expansive, innovative, and more inclusive than ever before. 

If you can, shop small today (and everyday), whether with us or with other businesses whose owners know your name, and whose staff members smile when you walk through the door. In a world that is increasingly driven by forces that drive people apart—small businesses are the places that keep us connected. 

See you soon.


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I hope to be in this week for my first visit. I have a 40 year old Ludwig kit that could use some love!


Hey,I sometimes feel sorry for this generation because everything is run by cooperations and there is no personal connection anymore! The best memories I have growing up were going to Long Island Drum Center where everyone knew me and getting new gear. Really felt special! Now you are tasked with keeping the torch burning and are a one of a kind vintage-jazz orientated shop that all of us need and I hope everyone will support! I know I am flying up there to get my new jazz ride in a couple of months just for that reason! Good luck and all of us drummers please support his efforts! Andy


Jess & his staff ROCK!!!
My next visit to NYC it’s my first stop from the airport!

da Craviotto kid

Hi Jess, I’m glad it’s working out for you. Hopefully I’ll be over at some point.

Mark Harris

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