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Zildjian 22" K. Constantinople Bounce Ride Cymbal - 2469g

Zildjian 22" K. Constantinople Bounce Ride Cymbal - 2469g

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A brand new 22" K. Constantinople Bounce Ride Cymbal weighing 2469 grams.

The Zildjian K. Con series is one of our all-time favorite cymbal lines, and its combination of expressive capabilities, individuality, tradition, and musical blend make it a foundationally important representative of Good Hands values. Plus they're just really fun to play. 

From Zildjian:

The K Constantinople Bounce Ride is the result of a collaboration with jazz artist Kenny Washington, and recreates the specs of an old, classic K gifted to him in the 1970's by late jazz great Mel Lewis. While replicating the higher curvature and narrower, wider spaced lathing style, a new cup design was created to best resemble that of Kenny's old K. Plenty of wash and sustain that rides over the band and cuts through most small-to-big band settings."

BRAND: Zildjian


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