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Slingerland 5x14" Radio King Chrome-Over-Brass Snare Drum - 1960s

Slingerland 5x14" Radio King Chrome-Over-Brass Snare Drum - 1960s

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A Slingerland 5x14" Radio King Chrome Shell snare dating to the mid/later 1960s. Eight lugs, replacement die-cast batter hoop, and original snare wires with a few broken strands. This drum sounds very clean and crisp as-is, or replace the die-cast with a stick saver for a slightly more open response.

"The ever popular Radio King Snare Strainer has now been incorporated with a sturdy solid brass chromed shell with no sound distorting center bead. A real swinging drum. Tone control, twenty wire snappy snares, eight self-aligning lugs, Rim-Shot counterhoops, and plastic heads make this model a real buy."

BRAND: Slingerland

CONDITION: Used - Very Good

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