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Royal Cymbals 20" Cymbal Craftsman Ride - 1891g

Royal Cymbals 20" Cymbal Craftsman Ride - 1891g

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A pre-owned 20" Cymbal Craftsman ride made by Paul Francis at Royal Cymbals. Weight is 1891 grams and dates to 2022. In pristine condition save for light fingerprints and stick marks.

"At Royal Cymbals we are taking the 400-year-old tradition of cymbal making into the future. If you can think it, we can make it. Whether you play drums in your basement or on the world's biggest stages, we are going to help you craft your sound. Utilizing our combined 50 years of cymbal sound expertise, we will take your sound ideas and create an instrument that you will love. Within our lines of Royal Cymbals, including the custom made Cymbal Craftsman cymbals, we offer you a full range of sound colors, and we will also modify your current cymbals to better fit your needs."

BRAND: Royal Cymbals

CONDITION: Used - Excellent

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