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Rogers 6.5x14" Dynasonic #37 Snare Drum - Fruitwood Stain

Rogers 6.5x14" Dynasonic #37 Snare Drum - Fruitwood Stain

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A pre-owned Rogers 6.5x14" concert Dynasonic in Fruitwood stain, from the Limited Custom series. In excellent all-original condition.

"One of hallmarks of the original Dyna-Sonic wood snare drum is the rich, honeytone shell interior, known as the Fruitwood Stain. In this brand new special-run Dyna-Sonic, Rogers has expanded this celebrated finish to the maple shell exterior, creating beautiful depth and warmth to the natural wood grain profile. Expertly crafted with Rogers’ proprietary 5-ply / reinforcement ring shell design and the floating snare rail system for that legendary Dyna-Sonic tone and sensitivity, this hand-built instrument will only be available in limited quantities. Discover the new Fruitwood Stain Dyna-Sonic.

  • 37 FWS • 6.5″ x 14″ concert depth
  • Shell: Proprietary formula 5-ply Maple/ Poplar with reinforcement rings
  • Hoops: 10 lug – 1.6mm triple flanged batter and snare side hoop with snare gates
  • Lugs: Beavertail die-cast lugs (10)
  • Throw off: Swivo-matic (Clock Face) style strainer
  • Butt end: Clock face matching butt end
  • Snares: Exclusive floating snare rail system with adjustable 20-strand snare wires
  • Badges: Rogers script logo badge, Dyna-Sonic “Custom Built “ oval badge
  • Shell Finish: Fruitwood Stain with high gloss finish
  • Interior finish: Fruitwood Stain"

BRAND: Rogers

CONDITION: Used - Excellent

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