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Meinl 22" Byzance Foundry Reserve Ride Cymbal - 2620g

Meinl 22" Byzance Foundry Reserve Ride Cymbal - 2620g

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The Byzance Foundry Reserve Ride features a dry stick-attack note followed by a complex character carried along in a dark wash. Undergoing extra time with the cymbalsmith, every ride develops a deep foundation from the extensive hand-hammering building up to a rich character. This complex array of harmonics would be buried in the cymbal if not for the fully lathed surface which opens the cymbal for that brilliant tonality to escape. The medium-thin weight provides enough body for a strong stick definition to drive a band, but is thin enough to open for thunderous crashes too.

The Byzance Foundry Reserve collection is a limited selection of cymbals created at our Byzance cymbal foundry in Turkey. Inspired from the time when all cymbals were handmade, these cymbals showcase the stunning, sonically rich works of art that our cymbalsmiths create with layers of tonality and nuance; however, that is only half of the beauty, as they are visually striking from the one-of-a-kind hand hammered marks.

Each smith spends additional time hammering these cymbal blanks to develop a more complex voice within the metal. The extra hammering creates many deep craters across the surface. When this hammering is coupled with the fully lathed top and bottom, the rides produce a clear, dry stick-attack note over a lush bed of low undertones – otherwise known as “the roar.” The hi-hats sizzle with warmth and clarity when played with sticks or the foot, and the crash explodes with a dark fury not found elsewhere in the Byzance family.

We intentionally left the top surface free from large logos so that the natural beauty of the hand-hammering artform can be appreciated. Each cymbal leaves the factory packed in a specially designed box to protect the cymbal as it travels from the factory to you.

BRAND: Meinl


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