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Ludwig 6.5x14" Gold Triumphal 100th Anniversary Snare Drum - #1984

Ludwig 6.5x14" Gold Triumphal 100th Anniversary Snare Drum - #1984

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In 2009, the Ludwig Drum Company, in celebration of its 100th anniversary, commissioned Adrian Kirchler to create a faithful tribute to the Ludwig "Triumphal" snare, originally offered for just a few years in the 1920s. The drums were built top to bottom by Adrian, with serial numbers engraved in the shell, as well as a custom name on the top hoop. This drum is numbered #1984 with the initials W.F.L. on the hoop.

Includes original padded, lined case, and all original documentation.

"For about three years in the mid-1920s (1925 to 1928 if you want to get technical,) Ludwig and Ludwig Drum Company offered for sale a “top of the line” drum called the Triumphal. These were very specially-crafted drums that featured an acid-washed spun brass shell, 24-karat gold plating (thought there was probably only two or three ounces of gold used on each drum,) and lavish engravings on the shell, hoops, and tube-style lugs. Much more than the engraved “Black Beauty” of the day, Triumphals are as much works of art as they are drums."

BRAND: Ludwig

CONDITION: Used - Mint

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