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Hayden 19.75" Sol Vintage Ride Cymbal - 2013g

Hayden 19.75" Sol Vintage Ride Cymbal - 2013g

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A brand new 19.75" Sol Vintage Series ride cymbal from Hayden Custom Cymbals. Slightly metallic wash, with a very clear, woody stick attack and plenty of shimmer, augmented by a single rivet (two holes though). Very controllable over a soft-medium dynamic range, with a vivacious crash that leaps out easily and decays just as quickly.

"Sol means “left” in Turkish. These cymbals can function as main rides, but were designed to be a bright and clear compliment to your larger, main cymbal. All Hayden Custom Cymbals are hand hammered and lathed from B20 Turkish blanks. The bells are pressed by the factory, unless noted as Hand-formed bell (HFB).

Ryan Hayden is an independent cymbalsmith residing in Denver, Colorado. Each cymbal is made from a B20 Turkish blank that is shaped on an anvil, then lathed to completion. Ryan is a current student of Dave Collingwood (Collingwood Cymbals) and has studied with Timothy Roberts (Timothy Roberts Cymbals). As a professional drummer who has received a BM from Berklee College of Music and an MM from The Juilliard School, he brings his professional experience and knowledge of music into handcrafting each cymbal."

BRAND: Hayden Custom Cymbals


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