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Canopus 6.5x14" Mahogany Snare Drum - Brown Burst LQ

Canopus 6.5x14" Mahogany Snare Drum - Brown Burst LQ

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A gently-used Canopus 6.5x14" Mahogany Snare in very good condition. Dates to 2020.

From Canopus:

"Canopus has recognized that Mahogany has a unique sound—heard in many vintage drums. We have taken this special wood and created a new contemporary sound. We have exercised our ingenuity in shell construction- using 6ply mahogany-poplar-birch with maple reinforcement, and edge-shaping to create a clear, crisp, well-rounded tone.

  • Vintage Snare Wire [CPSL-14DR] brings out the potential of your snare drum and allows you to express more with pianissimo sound.
  • Bolt Tight makes the Tension Rods Smoother. No More Loose Tension Rods. No More Unwanted Overtones. More Overall Tones from Drums.
  • Power Hoop (steel 2.3mm) Power Hoops have a low 17.5mm height. They produce an uncompressed sound and a full, broad rim shot. The edge height allows ease of playability and may also reduce missed rim shots.
  • Shell 6ply Mahogany Poplar Birch 6.5mm with Maple Reinforcement
  • A nylon nut is built in the strainer switch CSA-20S. Canopus’ switch is so designed to prevent “loosening of snare wire” during the performance by creating moderate friction on the tension adjustment dial by the torque controlled nylon nut."

BRAND: Canopus

CONDITION: Used - Very Good

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